John & Christina


The Mohlers + Smith Girls

Nov 20, 2010

I am so happy you two found each other. I love seeing your smiles every day at work. God Bless you both and a Blessed union.

Izzy Ismert

Nov 13, 2010

I am getting pumped! Praying for you both today and looking forward to the day of your wedding...won't be long!

The Achesons

Nov 1, 2010

Enjoyed all your great photos! We are all so happy for you and looking forward to sharing your special day. love, Rebecca Todd Julia Emma and Paul


Oct 23, 2010

Love all the pictures...looking forward to your union. May our gracious God bless you and yours.


Oct 12, 2010

Congratulations... Mary and I will be there. You should have had your invitations done by email as well... Save yourself a stamp. I didn't know that Baba and Deda had a computer with Internet access. What is this world coming to...

Steve & Julie Bielaga

Oct 8, 2010

We are so happy for you! What a cute couple you make. Enjoyed your pictures! Congratulations!
Steve & Julie Bielaga

Tiffany Trizna

Oct 8, 2010

Love you guys!

Colette and Pierre Schmidt

Oct 4, 2010

Congratulations Christina and John! Happiness always.
We are looking forward to celebrating with you.
Colette and Pierre,
Zak, Joel, and Emilie

Barbara & Michael Sullivan

Oct 3, 2010

We are so happy for you both! We are looking forward to seeing you on 10/10/10 and at your wedding! Your pictures are wonderful. You both look so happy! May you have happiness always! With love, Barbara & Michael

Paul, Adelina, Stephanie and Bianca

Sep 28, 2010

We just received your invitation and we are sooooo happy to be part of this very special day with you. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

Aunt Vickie and Uncle Lloyd

Sep 21, 2010

Welcome to the family Christina, we love you already! Best wishes to both of you as you start your life together. Looking forward to sharing your very special day!

Tom Trizna

Sep 20, 2010

Christina...there is still time to "RUN 4 the Hills", I'm sure you luv John as we all do, BUT you will also be getting a huge extended family of certifibly INSANE folks, you have NO idea, these folks are WAC'd! IF you choose to go thru with this, we are lookin forward to welcoming you into our brand of insanity!!!

Daniel Niksic

Sep 18, 2010

Congratulations and all the best. Good luck in the future. I look forward to coming to the wedding and seeing everyone.
p.s. Like Alana I was told to say something.
P.s.s. Since when did baba and deda know how to use a computer??

Deda & Baba Jagatic

Sep 16, 2010

Wishing Christina and John the best in the future as husband and wife. Our first grandchild is getting married and we are so happy we are going to be there to share in your special day and have a dance. John is a perfect boy for our Christina who we love very much. We have many happy memories of Christina and hope to have many more as John becomes part of the family. Congratulations and all the best. With lots of love and hugs and kisses from your Deda and Baba. Zivili

John, Irene, Daniel & Anita Niksic

Sep 16, 2010

Congratulations John & Christina!! We are so happy for you. It was a pleasure meeting John and you make a wonderful couple. Enjoy planning for the big day but most important for your future together. We are looking forward to the wedding and to John joining our family. Lots of love and cheers from Tetac, Teta and cousins Daniel and Anita.

Jess & Dustin Anderson

Sep 15, 2010

What a way to start my day. As I stumbled into our kitchen during sunrise this morning...there sat a lovely envelope on our kitchen table waiting to be opened. I just had such a grin on my face the whole time I tore past an adorably stamped seal to an even cuter invitation to celebrate an even more MAGNIFICENT day!!!!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am for both of you. Christina, I tear up just writing this because I love you SO much and there is not a more deserving woman of unconditional love. You are such a gorgeous woman inside and out, and I know John must be nothing short of amazing to win your heart. We wouldn't miss it for the world friends, congratulations!

Mr. & Mrs. Anderson

Rian, Rae, Katie & Nick David

Sep 6, 2010

John and Christina,
Congrats to you both! We wish you all the best. Remember, plan more for the marriage than the wedding. :)
God bless,
The David Family

Doug and Mo Campbell

Sep 6, 2010

Congratulations, John and Christina!! Looking forward to meeting Christina and sharing your wedding day with both of you. God bless.

The Bessi Family

Sep 4, 2010

Christina & John
We are very so very happy for you both !! It was so nice to celebrate your engegement together and we are anxiously waiting your big day!!!
Lots of Love

Eddy Jagatic

Sep 2, 2010

Woof! Woof!
I was wondering if you could pass a message on to Lilly: I would love to escort you to the Balmat wedding!
Puppy Love,

Alana Jagatic

Sep 2, 2010

I can't wait for your big day!

PS Mom and Dad made me sign this.

the Bessi family

Sep 2, 2010

Scott & Ginny Sapp

Aug 31, 2010

We are so excited for you. I pray your day will be everything you hope. Love you all, can't wait to meet you Christina, you are getting a treasure in John. love you all.

sue stephen

Aug 31, 2010

Dear John & Christina- Congratulations to you both! Love the pictures!! Aunt Sue

Jessica Mulcahey

Aug 31, 2010

So....I can't belive that in less than 90 days you people are getting hitched!!!! What!?!?!? Love the website, love the pics and love both of you!!!!

Nate, Amy, Brody and Beckett Swanson

Aug 31, 2010

We are so happy for the both of you. We are really looking forward to seeing you both find out crazy pet peeves about eachother every single day! Ha! Peace and Love!

Mom and Dad Jagatic

Aug 31, 2010

John, we have never seen Christina happier! Christina we are so happy for you! We are both looking forward to your special day!
Love, Mom and Dad Jagatic

Mom & Dad Balmat

Aug 31, 2010

John & Christina - this website is terrific! We are so happy for both of you & are really looking forward to your big day! Love, Mom & Dad

Brittany Balmat

Aug 31, 2010

The website looks great!!! Can't wait for the big day!!! So happy for you guys!

Ginny Nider

Aug 30, 2010

John & Christina, the website looks amazing!! I can't wait until the big day, and I am so honored that you wanted me to be a part of it all! Love you both!