Ben and Danielle


Ben and Danielle

Our wedding date: July 07, 2012

If you're reading this, you are no doubt anxiously awaiting the wedding of Ben and Danielle.

The anticipation is almost certainly causing massive amounts of sleep deprivation as you lie awake imagining which killer new dance moves you're going to bust out at the reception to make everyone start chanting your name. And after hours of successfully dance-battling every last sucka, you'll be lifted onto the shoulders of the crowd and they'll carry you around the room while everyone cheers and the camera fades to black. Years later you'll be the inspiration behind America's most common baby name. WELL SNAP OUT OF IT! The crowd will be chanting bupkis with that weak game you're serving! But we don't mind, just get out on the dance-floor and shake what you got! Or hang back and enjoy some great food, drink, and conversation.

And no matter which way you choose to enjoy the evening we're happy to have you there with us to share the memories of what's sure to be the best wedding ever.