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Button Bouquet HOW TO

- 3-4 buttons per desired flower

- 18" lengths of floral wire, 18 guage (you can find pre-cut lengths at Hobby Lobby in the floral section. Be sure to get a heavier guage because the button flowers do get heavier than a real flower)

- 1/4" wide ribbon in whatever color you want your stems to be

- super strong double sided tape - carpet tape is amazing

- ribbon, crocheted or fabric flowers for the base. I found some on eBay (search for "ribbon flowers" and "crochet flowers) and made some by stitching ribbon together into "petals". These aren't required, but they offer a filler between the buttons and make them look more like flowers.

- Wide ribbon to wrap the finished bouquet

- Pliers or wire cutters

1. To make each flower, play around with button/ribbon flower combinations until you have what you want. Stack them in order, and pierce through the bottom of the fabric flower and go up through the bottom of each button.

2. Bend your wire over and take it back through your buttons/fabric flower and twist tightly under the buttons with your pliers.

3. Secure a small piece of double sided tape right under the bottom of the flower and tie a knot over the tape using the 1/4" wide ribbon.

4. Tuck the loose end of the ribbon against the stem and tightly twist the ribbon around your stem, as far down as you think you need to so that what's left bare is covered by the wide ribbon wrap later. Secure with another piece of double sided tape and a knot at the bottom.

5. Continue making flowers until you have as many as you'd like in your bouquet. I found that creating 5-6 different flowers and then duplicating them worked well to make a coordinated bouquet, but your flowers can all be different or all be the same. 30 makes a perfect BM bouquet, and my bridal bouquet had 60. I wish I had used around 45-50, as it got a bit crowded and the smaller ones had a prettier shape.

6. Arrange your flowers by assembling them in your hand and bending each flower to form the overall shape of your bouquet.

7. Wrap your strong double sided tape around the stems once you have your bouquet assembled. Start about 3-4" from the bottom of the flowers and wrap down until you have the length you want. Using wire cutters, cut all the stems where the tape stops. *Be sure the stems are longer than your individual ribbon wraps.

8. Wrap over the tape using the wide fabric ribbon. When you reach the bottom, add another piece of tape over the ribbon. Fold the end of your ribbon under and secure it on the tape. Tie a bow around the base of the flowers.

To make the boutennieres and corsages, assemble 2-3 flowers using the method above, and shorten the stems to 3" before wrapping them with the thin ribbon.

I hope this helps you! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at There are photos in the Gallery section of my bio, under DIY Bouquets.