Andy & Rebecca


I've been looking forward to writing a blog about all the details for so long! I can't wait and I'll start soon.

Lions and Dragons and Mechanical Candles, Oh My



Here it is. In one word, the "theme" of our day is Enchanted. Other words that come to mind are: romantic, classic, elegant, decadent, elaborate, traditional and fairy tale, but Enchanted sums up what I hope you all feel on June 27th. Our (potential) song, So Close,  from the movie Enchanted  (which I'll download as soon as I convert it from mp4 to mp3) sums it up.  With the stresses and craziness of finishing up my portfolio, I'm still finding plenty of time to work on planning this...


A Perfect Match

On Sunday, Andy and I wandered in Helzberg Diamonds just to peek at their wedding band selection after being unimpressed at Bailey, Banks, and Biddle. We had just about come to the conclusion that we'd have to have my band specially made to match my engagement ring - and there it was - the perfect match to my ring! When she told us it was on sale, Andy bought it without hesitation. It's amazing how wearing a wedding band makes everything more real. I can't wait- 354 days till I get to put it...


Since the Proposal

In the couple of weeks since Andy's proposal, things have been busy, busy. My mom flew into Atlanta Friday after we got engaged and we went straight from the airport to Priscilla of Boston. Those of you who know me, should know how picky I am when it comes to clothes and how long it can take me to decided on an outfit on any given day. You'd be surprised to know, I chose the second dress I tried on! It's amazing and that's all I can say (in case Andy actually reads this).  So, first things...

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