Becky and Ben


Becky and Ben

Our wedding date: July 14, 2012

Thank you for visiting our wedding page! We are continuing to update as we get closer to the day so please keep in touch and let us know what will help as you plan your trip to Montana. We are also looking for ideas, thoughts and stories from friends and family as well as PICTURES. We look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Our wedding will be held at Roys Barn, a rustic masterpiece of Montana's elegance, where we can celebrate embraced by a panorama of the place we fell in love. Whether you come for just the weekend or for an extended stay, we hope this page will help guide you to and through your visit with us.

First things first, Save the Date... July 14th, 2012; Bozeman, MT.

As you RSVP, please remember we are looking for PHOTOS and STORIES to highlight durring the ceremony, at the reception and throughout the weekend. Also, we are putting together a playlist for cocktail hour, so please send us requests of artists or songs you'd like to hear. Please feel free to email anything to Ben at