Jim Verraros & Bill Brennan

59 Days Until The Wedding!

I cannot believe how fast time is going.

All of the planning, all of the time and energy spent has been such an experience. You never truly know what it's like to actually plan a wedding until you're planning a wedding.

What was most difficult for me was reading through the countless bridal magazines and making decisions on what I thought would look best on our bridal party; especially since they're the ones that are wearing the gowns, so you want them to be as comfortable as possible.

With that said, I found the magazines to be extremely helpful and gave me so many great ideas and concepts that I could bring to Bill that we could both decide on. In the end, we came to agree on just about everything; and if we didn't agree right away, we usually reached a mutual decision on a topic almost immediately. We're lucky like that! ;-)

Every day leading up to the wedding has been less and less stressful, and I feel that both Bill and I have reached (or, almost reached) a sense of calmness and can now enjoy the next eight weeks by keeping in touch with our friends and families and making sure that everything is going smoothly.

Just wanted to relay a huge thank you to all of our friends and family that will be joining us on our wedding day. It means the world to both Bill and I that you're able to make it out to Chicago to support us; and witness how much we truly love each other. Thank you all so much!



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