Jim Verraros & Bill Brennan

The Countdown is now 43 Days!

What a crazy week this week has been!

Finally, we were able to secure our engagement photo shoot with Angela Swan yesterday. It wasn't easy getting to Montrose Beach off of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago because of a huge Cubs Game, but we made it and had an absolute blast.

Angela had brought an apprentice photographer with her named Troy who went to school at the University of Illinois who did an excellent job capturing different angles and view points that Angela wasn't capturing, so it was great to have two different photographers photographing our day.

We did a bunch of different shots, some on the beach at the dunes, some just walking towards the beach, some in the water, some just randomly taken.

It was a quick shoot but we were assured that we had the "money shots."

Cannot WAIT to see what they look like, so hopefully Angela will upload some shots today! It might be a little much to ask for to see them today, but here's to hoping!

Wedding plans are coming along...just the fine details are left to do such as the processional and recessional rehearsal with our officiant, Dr. Bruce Bloom whom we are so excited to have marry us.

More to come...hope everyone is doing well!



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