Jim Verraros & Bill Brennan

So Many Details-Oh My

-Bill (Saturday Morning) 
by Bill Brennan

It is so hard to believe all the details that go into a wedding.  You would think I would know as the President of Bridal Expo Chicago and Bridal Expo Milwaukee.   But when you are actually on the other end of things and actually planning your own wedding you suddenly realize how much there really is to do!   Thankfully, I have a great partner in Jim who has been on top of so much and has seamlessly orchestrated so many of the small details.  Achieving some balance to our lives while all this is going on and being in the midst of one of our busiest work seasons of the entire year would be impossible without Jim taking the lead on so many items. 

As they say, weddings are all about personal style and tastes.  And interestingly enough, so many of the details surround our wedding plans is making it as exciting for our guests as it will be for us.

Both Jim and I are most happy about our family both near and far who are coming to support us.  We have family coming in from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and California.  And when the wedding is over, the thing that Jim and I will remember the most is the joy we will experience with our family and friends.

Looking forward to celebrating with you!

-xo Bill Brennan


There is NOTHING like experiencing the love of your family and friends all in one room as they support you in such a momentous occasion. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think about how I felt at our wedding in May. I am SO excited for you both to experience that first-hand! There's nothing like it in the world! :) XO

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