Jim Verraros & Bill Brennan


"Can't Help Falling In Love," a classic, by Elvis Presley, brings tears to both of our eyes. Jim, a recording artist, wrote and performed, "You Make It Better," a song he penned about Bill. Take a listen to these!

Our Music

Can't Help Falling In Love
Elvis Presley
You Make It Better
Jim Verraros

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My Life Would Suck Without You
Kelly Clarkson

"Even when we fight I know that in the end its gonna be alrite."

Just wanted to wish you the best happiness Jim and hopefully u continue in your career cuz id love to work with you someday. Bill you are one lucky man to have found such a great guy.

Walk With Me
Matt Alber

What a sweet love story - congrats and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness :)

Bless The Broken Road
Rascal Flatts

I came across your story in the newspaper. I just wanted to say Congratulations! You make a great looking couple! All my best!!

This I promise you
Ronan Keating

This is mine and my lovers song. Hope you enjoy it.

I Love you till the end
the pogues

Congradulations!!!Me and my bf met in may of 2005 and have been together for four years going on five. It has been amazing.I think I ove you till the end is a great song. I am going to use it with my bf. Let me know if you like. It is from the sound track p.s I love you...May god bless you two!!=)

I Could Not Ask For More
Sara Evans

Cograts On Your Wedding!You Two Look Fabulous Together.Good Luck!

true companion
marc cohn

I unfortunately didn't start to watch AI until season 2. But...I just came across your story and it is truly beautiful. I have been marrried for 13 years and I have 3 beautiful children. This was the song that we danced to at our wedding. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love...

I just call you mine
Martina Mcbride

You guys are perfect together...

My Life
The Beatles

OK, I promise this is my last suggestion. ;) A classic from one of the best writing teams of all time. Beautiful message and a great song to walk down the aisle to. Mozeltov!

Mey Nahar
The Idan Raichel's Project

I know it's in Hebrew, but here is a small translation for it :)

The river's stream
These are the days of your life
The water of your life
Washing in the stream
Starting in first rain

The river's stream
This is the water flowing
On the way to the thirsty desert
With the silence that will come

Even if I'll drink all the sea
It won't saturate my thirst
For another day close to you
For another day in your arms

Even if I'll sit under the sun
I won't be burned by its heat
Like my heart is burning by your love's flames

Congratulations, beautiful couple.
Mazal Tov :)

The Luckiest
Ben Folds

This is another favorite of mine. It's one of those that you either like or don't...not much middle ground. Usually when I sing this one, people come up later and say, "what was that song you sang? I really like it!"

Favorite Adventure
K's Choice

This is my partner's and my song, but happy to share it with you both. I have recommended this to others and many times I am asked to sing this at either the wedding or reception. Check it out, I think you'll like.
Best of luck and love to you both.

"Here and Now"
Luther Vandross
"Lets Stay Together"
Al Green
You're My Best Friend
Tim McGraw

I was just reading your website and I feel like I know you. Congrads. My wife and I have been married for a little over a year now (May 2008). Much "family" love your way.