Jim Verraros & Bill Brennan

Our Story

The Story About How We Meet

How Did Bill and Jim Meet? Part 1

Bill's Story:

Remember when MySpace first took off in early 2005 and everybody was just starting to hear about this social networking site? Well I had about 25 friends and Jim had about 10,000! I can tell you that when I sent a message to Jim's MySpace account, I thought based on his First Season of American Idol fame and the fact that he was an actor and recording artist, that I would never get a response or perhaps hear from his "management" or "handlers" with some sort of generic "fan" message. I mean he did have 10,000 friends!! But to my surprise, I heard back from Jim in an hour or two and we somehow connected immediately. We would soon find out that our lives and pasts were in some way running in parallel universes, but in different decades. And we lived only 20 minutes apart.

We were both single and completely over any kind of bar scene. (Been there, done that, over it!) So Jim asked if I wanted to meet up for coffee or see a movie sometime and I in turn invited him to go out with some friends on November 23, 2005. That night we talked non-stop for 7 hours straight. I guess you could say that the stars were aligned for us to meet and the conversation was honest, intense, intriguing, and nothing like I had ever experience before.

With such a vast age difference between us, I kept asking myself, "Is this guy for real?" "He is wise beyond his years". From our childhoods, to the challenges of being "gay-bashed" in high school, from coming out, to my figure skating days where I placed 12th in the country in pair skating, to his 9th place finish on American Idol, to our values and ambitions for the future, there was an endless array of past and present life experiences that connected us in ways that neither one of us had ever experienced. We spent the next day together and then the next, and the next, and the next. We never ran out of things to talk about and soon we were finishing each other's sentences. We used to call it "Creepy-Beautiful," our code word for "this is weird, but feels good."

As with many couples who first start dating, we had some bumps in the road that first year. But we worked through them and became a better couple because of those bumps. When I proposed to Jim nearly a year and a half ago, I knew I found my soul mate and my best friend. I look back to November of 2005 and remember the kind of person I was back then and how incomplete I felt. Finding Jim has changed me and has helped me become a better person. And most of all, I have never felt more complete or fulfilled than in any time I have walked this earth.

Jim's Story: Part 2

Jim's Story:

Since Bill has covered the "Myspace" Revolution, I'll start after that.

BECAUSE I had gotten so many messages through Myspace, I wasn't sure how to respond to Bill's. I read over his profile first, of course (to see if we had anything in common, or if he was a weirdo) and most of what he had on his profile enticed me.

We played phone tag for a few days until he invited me over to his house before leaving for a local club. I never was really into the whole "scene," but I kept an open mind about it.

The one thing I remember most about our first encounter was how warm he was. Almost child-like in a way, and just a genuinely good person with a good soul. I grew up fairly quickly as I have two deaf parents, so communicating with adults since I was just three years old was something I had grown very accustomed to. There was something about Bill that I was immediately drawn towards; his sense of humor, his beautiful blue eyes (sometimes green depending on the color of his shirt) and his personality that made him stand out to me.

It was the first time in my life I could say to myself, I'm in love with him. It's funny how life works sometimes; you never think you'd ever find your soul mate so early on in life, but I had.

Bill is quite honestly the most loving, loyal, funny, warm, personable, honest and caring human being I've ever met and because of his years, I've been able to learn and grow so much as a person since we've been together. I think that's what life is about, essentially; being able to grow with your partner, not away from them.

I knew with Bill that I wanted to "marry," him. I put "marry," only because, sadly it isn't legal in Illinois yet, but we're hopeful that the time is near. Looking back on our four years together, we've come so far and grown so close together. He's not only my partner, but my confidante, my soul mate, my best friend, and the love of my life. When we're apart, I miss him and when we're together, I think to myself how lucky I am that our paths have crossed and intertwined.

People ask me how I knew that Bill was the one, and I always say the same thing: "I just knew. When you KNOW, you know."

This wedding is a culmination of our lives so far, and our lives from this point onward. It is so imperative to the both of us that our friends and family see just how in love we are, and how happy we are to share it with everyone.