Bradford & Corina

Our Story

How we found each other....

How we found each other....

For those of you who don’t already know, life is all about timing.

In my journey to ‘find myself’ I realized I loved the outdoors, enjoyed the energy of martial arts and felt empowered by hunting/ gathering my food. In an effort to immerse myself in these hobbies; I joined gun clubs and made friends with the old timers so that I could learn to shoot and hopefully hunt. I also sought out instruction and began to study kickboxing.

Kickboxing lit a fire. The curiosity to see what I am made of grew strong. Wanting to understand what it takes to ‘fight’, I decided to attend a local fight night in February of 2012. As I observed, I took notice to one person in particular and it wasn’t a girl. His name happened to be Bradford Setter.

Sadly I left that night never speaking to him, nor thinking of him again.

Fast forward to May of 2012 (Memorial Weekend), I was bartending at a Irish Pub in Elbridge, NY; waiting for the night to get started I served sporadic customers that came in. One of those customers happen to be first time patron Bradford Setter. The picture to the right is of me an hour before we met.

I noticed him as soon as he entered the room and this time he noticed me.

The rest, as they say is history. Thanks for reading as I enjoyed sharing! Hope to see you October 20th 2013!