Janelle and Brian

Our Venue

When we began planning our wedding we agreed on three priorities: outside, good/fresh food that conforms with our food values, and an atypical venue that fits our personalities.

During the brain storming process, Brian suggested having a barn wedding, and Janelle immediately jumped on researching barn venues. We looked at approximately five places before settling on Hurd. We love the sheer simplicity of the venue (it's a farm!) and the fact that Sue and Amy Hurd cook all the food onsite, from scratch, and use as many home grown fruits and vegetables as possible. Additionally, the flowers for the wedding will be picked fresh from their garden the day of.

Hurd Orchards is located in the Town of Murray, New York (Village of Holley), and is approximately an hour and 15 minutes from Buffalo. Check out their website at http://www.hurdorchards.com/.

The outside of the barn at Hurd Orchards.

The outside of the barn at Hurd Orchards.