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People, places, things that we engaged along the journey to our Ideal Wedding, Dream Honeymoon, Cosy Nest and most importantly a Blissful Marriage!

Furama RiverFront Hotel (Formerly known as Apollo Hotel)

Furama RiverFront Hotel (Formerly known as Apollo Hotel)

405 Havelock Road

Singapore 169633

(65) 6333 8898

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We have booked the Venus Ballroom on 18 October 2007. The ballroom can hold up to 55 tables. My banquet co-ordinator is Terence Ng, Catering Sales Manager.

Comprehensive package, nice ambience, quality service, yummy food... What else more can we ask for? (^_^)

Sg Bridal House

Sg Bridal House

108 Jalan Harimau Tarum, Taman Century

Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia 80250

607-333 8813

We have signed up a RM5888 Bridal Package on 20 January 2008 with Ivy. (@^o^@)

One of the few Bridal Studios in JB that have good reputation among Singaporeans and Malaysians working in Singapore.

Sg Bridal was recommended to us by a close friend (Fiona). We simply love the high standard of their customer service. Very comfortable with Ivy as she is very friendly, cheery and pretty. (^_^)

Their photography style is simple and elegant. Reasonable pricing and good flexibility as compared to the few Bridal shops we have shortlisted in Singapore.

Needless to say, the quality of their final products are great!

Also glad that we are not treated like 'carrot head'!

Cozy Pte Ltd c/o City Furniture

Cozy Pte Ltd c/o City Furniture

41 Sungei Kadut Street 4

Singapore 729060


We have ordered our bed and mattress from Cozy. Simply love their designs though price a bit on the higher end.

The sale person, Brian, mentioned that they are 1 of the leading furnitures' designers and manufacturers in Singapore. Their products can be found at shops located at Park Mall which are selling at very high end prices.

We happened to come across them on 1 March 08 at the Modern Living Exhibition at Singapore Expo after our visit to Natas Fair. Our intention were just to browse around but were caught by the designs of their bed.

Love at first sight! We placed 50% deposit... Actually the Sale person was also very hard sell but overall he is still quite a nice guy bah.

We are planning to visit their showroom and decide if we want to engage them as our renovation contractor.



At last, we have settled 1 of the most important issues! After meeting several photographers and videographers, we have decided on Phototerrain. Mainly is because of the super attractive package as well as the friendly and humble Lawrence! We believe that he will be able to bring smiles to our guests and capture the memorable moments...

We took the Platinum package which consists the following: -

A photographer and videographer for Actual Day Wedding (consist of morning and dinner)

Returns include:
1. 1 Photo Album with slot-in 4R photos of Actual Day Wedding (approx. 300 to 500)
2. 1 DVD of edited video of Actual Day Wedding
3. 1 DVD of short video clip of Actual Day’s Morning Highlights to be screened during wedding dinner (minimum 6 hours free time between morning and dinner)

Value-Added Complimentary Services:
1. A Bridal Photo Slideshow to be screened during wedding dinner’s cocktail (soft copies of bridal photos to be provided by couple)
2. Photo Montage (from young to courtship) to be screened during wedding dinner
3. No surcharge fee for morning before 6am or dinner after 11pm

Josi Gems

Josi Gems

#08-15 Park Mall



This is the place where we custom-made our wedding bands!

Josi Gems is located in a small and cosy office with only a row of showcase displaying jewellery.

We like Emilyn's service as she is very friendly, approachable and attentive to the details of our need. She is able to recommend us the type of rings that are suitable our fingers.

Before we visited Josi Gems, we only had 1 design in mind, which was from Tianpo. After a short conversation with Emilyn, we were showered with lot of designs till we could not make up my mind.

She also highlighted to us the price difference of $40 between a 0.07D and a 0.08D hence recommended us to use 0.07D instead since the size difference is very insignificant. Imagine if we were not aware of the difference for each diamond, we will probably ended up paying extra $280 for the 7 diamonds used for the Eternity Band. This is the starting point where we feel that this company is trustworthy.

Luckily, Emilyn was very patience and asked us to take our time to consider as we still have many months to go.

This is what we called Good Customer Service! They are able to stand from a customer's point of view instead of pressuring us using hard sell tactics.

Finally, we made our decision and went to them on 5 April to confirm the design for our wedding band.

Surprisingly, no deposit is required. Payment will only be made after seeing the final product. This is another characteristic that made them even trustworthy.

We have decided not to visit any jewellery shops in future. We will just shop at JOSI GEMS! (^_^)

Dynasty Travel International Pte Ltd

35 New Bridge Road

Dynasty Travel Hub, Singapore 188980

6532 3833

We have signed up the 12D West Coast USA, departing on 14 December 2008. On the way back on 24 December 2008, we will be extending 9 days in Japan. Hence will only be reaching Singapore on 1 January 2009. (^_^)