Burn Strong

Who's Who

We thought it might help to provide a directory of people attending.

Our peeps

Lauri Shafer, Marco Island (David's mom)
Danna & Gary Strong, Smithtown (Darby's mom and dad)
Jerry & Lorraine Daugherty, Houston (David's uncle and aunt)
Chris Strong, Akron (Darby's brother)
Nancy Dodd Druger, David Druger, Riley and Braden, Lower Gwynedd (Darby's cousins)
Lucy Spotted Tongue Burn Strong, Portland (Darby and David's puppy)

David Keller & Anina Merrill, Salt Lake City
Andrew Spaulding & Mariah Freesen, Leadville & Louisville
Dan Goldgeier, Atlanta
Art Kleven, Lafayette
Tom Wandolowski, San Diego
Lotus & David Coleman-Patno, Palm Springs
Frederick Hillyard, Maple Falls
Dave Perschon, Salt Lake City
Bill Woolston, Salt Lake City
John & Susan Pingree and family, Auburn
Brooks & Alexis McKee, Corvallis
Mike Nehls & Keli Gunning, Brownsville
Julie Cavataio, Portland
Casey Freund & Gwen Pentland, Chicago
Liz Giangiorgi, Chicago
Megan Basten, Chicago
Stefanie Mabadi, Chicago
Craig & Jenny Fuller, Portland
David Ackerman, Cincinnati
Dave Ward, Albany
Michael Scheurer, Portland
Scott & Elaine Baker and family, Portland
John Zech, San Rafael
Michelle Kline & Wade Metheny, Portland
Ryan Simmons & Rob Newman, Los Angeles & San Diego
Josh & Caroline Richards and family, Portland

Jeff Evans on drums, Portland
Bret White on trumpet, Portland
Kevin LaBaron on tenor sax, Portland
Brain Casey on bass, Portland
Tucker on percussion, Portland
Scott Steele on guitar, Portland