Wilson & Kei

On pulling off a low budget, 3 day, destination wedding :)

Planning a wedding is not something you do everyday, or every year for that matter. So 3 months before the wedding, I decided to blog our journey to Camp Kasal.

I wanted something to look back to when this is over. You see kids, planning a wedding is not a joke. Planning a 3-day, destination, low budgeted wedding? Tell you, IM NOT KIDDING.

Read on and Enjoy :)

Our Fingerprint Wedding Ring :)

Got our rings today. :) AYLABIT!


W+K engagement session

CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS:  http://www.mywedding.com/campkasal/galleries.html This session is entitled "ANG (palpak na) TAKAS".  In one line, the story is:  W and K decided to elope, W convincing K, K convincing W, they planned their escape, sailed but failed (no water), rode the bus but failed (kablaaaag!), rode the sidecar but failed (tragic!), they planned on what to do...


DIY Invitations: Finished product

I guess the only thing not DIY here are the papers. :) From the concept to the lay out to the paper choice, everything is DIY. DIY which also means its waaaaaay cheaper than the ones you see in the market. :) We had fun doing this and folding each and every piece. Special thanks to the Mamangun Barkada for folding with us while watching the sunday chismis program :)                                ...


DIY Invitations

Finally done with the invites. :) Out for printing next week hopefully. And yes, Its all DIY - from the concept to the design. Will post the details soon. :) Wait for your invites! K's TIPID TIPS:   One of the ways to save on your wedding budget is making DIY projects. And it also squeezes the creative juices outta your brains!:)     


The Band

  This is probably one of the highlights of this whole journey. W's barkada was super sweet to book the band THE EDRALINS (formerly known as Spaceflower Show) as a gift. Now, this is no ordinary band. This was the band that W and his friends grew up listening to. They also played during the wedding of one of W's best friends -- They were so good! We didn't stop dancing until they ended their set! They're THAT good. :) We've already booked their tickets. W's been insisting on...