Wilson & Kei

W+K engagement session

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This session is entitled "ANG (palpak na) TAKAS". 

In one line, the story is: 

W and K decided to elope, W convincing K, K convincing W, they planned their escape, sailed but failed (no water), rode the bus but failed (kablaaaag!), rode the sidecar but failed (tragic!), they planned on what to do and finally decided to make things right by having a wedding, celebrated and planned... TO BE CONTINUED. :)

Shot in Tropical Palace Ruins by Jojo Mamangun www.jojomamangun.com



Jojo is a freelance photographer and was a professional dancer for 11 years trained in classical ballet and modern/contemporary dance, but has been a continued lover of photography since he picked up his first camera, a GAF L-CM, 13 years ago. Even while still actively dancing, he hasn't stopped shooting and was involved in a number of group exhibitions. Most recently is entitled "REDefine" with the Pinoy Photographers' Club-HK of which he is one of the founding members and "The Isolation Project" a Multimedia Exhibition at The Culture Club-Hong Kong. He is currently based in Macau, China with his wife, Kris-Belle and cocker spaniel Cuddy. He is available for assignments for commercial, fashion and location portraiture photography. 

Contact details: 

M: +853 6249 1784

E: jojomamangun@gmail.com

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