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CAMP KASAL overview

CAMP KASAL: An overview of the event

CAMP KASAL: An overview of the event

What will happen during the 3 day CAMP KASAL? Read on.

An Overview

Main campsite is Lunao Springs at the foot of Mt. Kanlaon, in Ma-ao, Bago City. A private mountain refuge of the Milabo family, a haven developed primarily for the big family's bonding moments.

"Camp Kasal" is a 3 day event. It starts in the afternoon of Friday, April 8, 2011. For our out of town guests, it begins as soon as you set foot on Negros island. Upon your arrival in Silay-Bacolod Airport or Bacolod Port, we will whisk you off to Buenos Aires Mountain Resort, 55 minutes from Bacolod City, where together with other guests we will have a welcome picnic/merienda cena of favorite Negros delicacies. Some guests will be billeted in the Hotel or Cottages in this Mountain Resort while others may opt to stay in the tents set up in the main campsite.

April 8 will be a "sleep early" no gimmick night to prepare for Camp Kasal's main event that will happen at the break of dawn on Saturday, the 9th of April.

Very early in the morning of this day, guests billeted in Buenos Aires will be ferried to Lunao Springs which is about less than 15 minutes away. As soon as the sun rises, in your "chucks and cords", you will be witnesses to our tying of the knot.

Right after the wedding ceremonies, we will ask you to join us in planting a hundred coconut trees in a chosen portion of the property. This will symbolize our promise "of a life of togetherness" the coconut being a centenary tree of life. The tree planting activity will be followed by a breakfast buffet by the poolside, a mix of our selected favorite breakfast fares. Lunch will be a "boodle lunch" or casual barbecue picnic with more friends and families. Those who wish to go swimming or mountain climbing or see the falls, or just stay put at the campsite to do some DIY souvenirs may do so.

Camp Kasal's main event will be capped by group games, songs, dances with simple merienda. We will be joined in by the farm people, their children and grandchildren, who have toiled and lived on these lands for generations. This is our way of thanking them for their reverence to the land and loyalty to the family.

We will let the night pass with more music, songs, dances maybe, more stories to tell, with more food, drinks, bonfire and bonding moments.

On the third and last day of Camp Kasal, Sunday, the 10th of April 2011, a city tour will be arranged for the guests before they depart to their next destinations.

So our dear friends, family, visitors and guests, mga ka barkada, we suggest you book your flights soon. Always be on the look out for airline promos. Coordinate your flight schedules with us so that proper arrangements can be done as early as can be.