Wilson & Kei


Wilson & Kei

Our wedding date: April 09, 2011


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ENGAGEMENT SESSION: ANG [palpak na] TAKAS http://www.mywedding.com/campkasal/galleries.html


Magpapakasal na kami! YIPEE! We will be exchanging our marriage vows (very) soon. We will be tying the knot, taking the plunge and risking the hike to a higher step, a new life.

This will happen on April 9, 2011 in Ma-ao, Bago City, Negros Occidental.

Both of us are not from Negros. Wilson being a true blue-Baguio Kid and Kei a Baguio-by heart, Manila-by need girl. So, Why NEGROS, you ask?

We have chosen NEGROS for our DESTINATION WEDDING because:

1. We love and enjoy traveling--
2. Bacolod or Negros is one of the places Wilson have always wanted to visit--and Kei has childhood memories of it.
2. we will fulfill the dream wedding of Kei's mom, that was to have her wedding up in the mountains of Kanlaon and pictures by the waterfalls--
3. we want to veer away from a traditional wedding, so that this moment will be as comfortable, enjoyable and memorable as can be, while being just ourselves--
4. its an occasion to bond with friends and family
5. its summertime! and we want you to have a fun and memorable vacation with us
6. and most of all, Negros is where the love story of Kei's parents started and blossomed,(that we must say, is MMK worthy!)---and also where Wilson's dad spent memorable times early in his professional career.

For details and summary, please proceed to CAMP KASAL overview.

Any questions may be directed to us via SMS:

09178990113 - Kei
09178990153 - Wil
or email keimamangun@yahoo.com