Cory and Elizabeth


United Airlines Spokane

Aug 15, 2011

Can you please get a message to Chris Loosmore? His blue bag has been at United baggage service in Spokane since 8 Aug. He needs to pick it up. Hours are 4:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. daily. Please have him call and leave a message at 509-838-2162 as to when he can pick it up. Thanks so much.

Memere Crowley

Aug 13, 2010

Wishing you the very best on your wedding day. May it be as beautiful as the day is projected to be.
Sunny, bright and wonderful like you both are. May your many years together be lived with love, joy, happiness, and friendship forever and ever.

All my love and prayers,
Memere and(Godmother)Crowley

Stefi G

Sep 18, 2008

Just wanted to say congrats since I can't make it tomorrow!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL day! Best Wishes to you both!

Allie & Chris

Sep 11, 2008

Congrats! See ya there!!

Jennifer Korth

Aug 10, 2008

Congratulations! How exciting! Im happy for you guys.

Curt & Alysa Barth

Aug 7, 2008

Congrats!!! We can't wait to celebrate with you.

DeAnn, Randy and Brady Jawaski

Aug 4, 2008

Congrats you two! We are very happy for the both of you. This website is awsome!

auntie joyce

Aug 3, 2008

I bet you guys never thought that I'd figure this out!! (But I had help)Congratulations. It's about time.
Auntie Joyce

Nicholas Danielson

Jul 31, 2008

Its about time Buttmoore proposed! Congrats! I will be there with bells on

Casey Loosmore

Jul 30, 2008

I am glad that you guy's are finally getting married. I love you two so much and i wish the best for you.

Peggy Erdrich

Jul 29, 2008

Very cool site Liz!

Amy Johnson

Jul 29, 2008

Congratulations you two on tying the knot!

Kim Raftevold

Jul 28, 2008

Congrats you guys!! I didn't realize the big day was coming up so soon!!

Tyler and Mandy Klein

Jul 28, 2008

Being married is like sleeping on a rainbow or riding a unicorn! It is soo much fun!

Dawn Buckhouse (Gilles)

Jul 28, 2008

Congratulations you guys.
I can't wait to see you there we got the invite yesterday. Have fun with all the finishing touches and enjoy your week before it goes fast.

Nicole Keller

Jul 27, 2008

The sight looks great and I know the wedding will be too

Tom & Aubree Desjarlais

Jul 27, 2008

Congrats you two! I really wish we could be there, I know Tom would really enjoy it (me too)! Great Page!

Amber and Bogie

Jul 26, 2008

Cute website!! Can't wait for your big day!! Love ya!

Kerri Kava (Sherman)

Jul 25, 2008

Congratulations!! I'm happy for you guys!

Jennifer Meyer

Jul 25, 2008

We are so excited for you! Can't wait for the big day. Blessings, Jen

Alexis Neppl

Jul 24, 2008

Congrats you two!! Enjoy the planning, cause the day will be here and gone before you know it...we're already going on 6 years!! =)

Erica Smith

Jul 24, 2008

Congrats - it's about time!! I'm soooo happy for you two!

Good Luck with all the fun planning!

Rob Karlgaard

Jul 24, 2008

Congrats!! Be there with an old mill light in my hand.

Amanda Hartmann

Jul 24, 2008


Katrina Kaehler

Jul 24, 2008

YEAH....I'm so happy for you and so excited for the BIG DAY!!!...It's about time you two kiddos finally get hitched!!!!

Trisha Garner

Jul 23, 2008

Congrats :) Wish I could make it. Best wishes to the both of you!

Stefi G

Jul 23, 2008

Congrats you guys!! Best wishes on your road to the altar!!


Jul 23, 2008

AWww. How sweet you two! I'm excited for you guys

Jeremy and Jessica Jensen

Jul 23, 2008

Congrats! The website turned out great! It's so nice to see the pictures. Let us know if you are coming to town soon:)

nicole speich

Jul 23, 2008

Congrats Liz and Cory!!

Heather Andel

Jul 23, 2008

Congrats Liz. I love the site, you have a beautiful family. I wish you the very best.

Kathy Hammer

Jul 23, 2008

Liz & Cory,
Great website. You will have so much fun at your wedding. Lot's of beer in your pictures! Am sorry I won't be able to attend your shower as it is the same day as we are going to see Luke in Mpls.

Chris Meyer

Jul 23, 2008


laura loosmore

Jul 23, 2008

The site looks great! We are so happy for all of you and can't wait for the "big" day! Love you all...


Jul 23, 2008

The site looks awesome. Now get to work! Ha Love ya!

Tamara Brandt

Jul 23, 2008

I'm very happy for wishes for a long happy life together!

William Haisch

Jul 23, 2008


Kristi Anderson

Jul 23, 2008

I am so excited for both of you! Congrats Lizzy and Cory!

Chelsie Grochow

Jul 23, 2008

I'm so excited for you both. Congrats!

christy peterson

Jul 23, 2008

How exciting! Congratulations on getting hitched :)

Loretta Meyer

Jul 23, 2008

Nice site! Can't wait for the fun to start!

Rachel Aanenson

Jul 23, 2008

The website is great! And the pics are super cute! Congrats!

Autumn Dinnel

Jul 23, 2008

I'm really happy for you both!

Andrea Hansen

Jul 23, 2008

I hope we can make it to the wedding. Congratulations

Shannon Otto

Jul 23, 2008

Exciting! Looks great.

Sheila Jensen

Jul 23, 2008

I really like all the work you have put into this. The pictures are great.