Danny & Ellie

On attire

A friend described the attire at her wedding as "a dressed up version of yourself". We couldn't think of a better explanation for what we have in mind, but let us know if you need more information!

As a baseline, Ellie will be in a long, white gown, and Danny and his groomsmen will wear suits. but we're also getting married on a lawn in Vermont. The most important thing to remember is that all activities will be on grass, so ladies, you can leave your towering heels at home!

Also, as Danny is a high school Dean of Students, he reminds all females to dress appropriately and wear dresses that reach below their finger tips! And men, no boxers showing. (Just kidding.)

Our Saturday night BBQ is pretty casual. Think button down and jeans/cordorays (guys) and a casual dress/other relaxed outfit (girls).

Sunday Brunch will be even more casual.