Naomi and David

Why Manti?

Why Manti? And What's a Temple?

Why Manti?  And What's a Temple?

You may be wondering why, if Dave is from Connecticut and Naomi is from California, we're having a wedding in the middle of Utah. The simple answer is that Naomi's grandfather is a sealer at the Manti Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and he will be performing the ceremony.

Temples are very important structures in the LDS Church. Unlike chapels, which are open to everyone and which can host events like our wedding receptions, temples are sacred buildings that can only be entered on conditions of worthiness. Members of the church have to have recommends, signed by their local leaders, (bishops and stake presidents). These recommends state that the holder is living a life conducive to the teachings of the church, and is striving for honesty, integrity, and faithfulness.

Weddings performed in the temple, called sealings, are special, intimate ceremonies performed by designated individuals. They have a certain authority, a priesthood, which allows them to bind couples and families not just "until death do they part", but for time and all eternity. Couples in the church look on the sealing covenant as sacred and precious, and take comfort in knowing that their union will be unbroken with their inevitable passing. What's more, children are sealed to their parents, so that families exist as eternal units.

We look forward to being sealed in such a beautiful building. But we are much more pleased to be bound together forever, and we both want to make our marriage so strong that it will be wonderful.