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Barbados is a gorgeous Caribbean island filled with vibrant local culture and beautiful white sand beaches. Stay at one of their many hotels or all-inclusive resorts.

Barbados, one of the southernmost islands in the Caribbean, is a country filled with gorgeous white sand beaches, warm and charming people, and rich local culture. The coastline of Barbados ranges greatly from the calm and peaceful west coast to the more turbulent waves on the east coast. Coral formations and sandstone cliffs weave in and out of the coastal beaches. Home to one of the last remaining fully-restored sugar mills, Morgan Lewis Windmill, Barbados has many different historical sites, natural landmarks, and resorts perfect for destination weddings. Those honeymooning in Barbados can expect a wide variety of adventures and activities including scuba diving, hiking, touring citrus orchards and plantations like Drax Hall. Barbados is the perfect island for those craving a destination with plenty of interesting things to do, while still being a beautiful spot to just enjoy relaxing on the beach!

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  • Destination Wedding Planning Advice

    Destination Wedding Planning Advice

    Destination weddings are great because they are unique and much more rare than traditional weddings. So, the good news is that you are going to have an event that stands out and that your guests will always remember. The bad news is you probably have a lot of planning questions that your family and friends can't answer. That's why we're here. We have the answers to all of your destination wedding planning needs.

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  • Destination Wedding Travel Advice

    Destination Wedding Travel Advice

    Travel is hard enough these days when it is just the two of you. Now imagine that 50 guests coming in for your destination wedding! This section is designed to help you navigate the best way to arrange travel, get the best deals, and all of the practical details that come with destination wedding travel. We can also give you tips on the best ways to keep your guests informed and up-to-date about your event.

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