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Having a wedding in Cancun is the perfect combination of tropical paradise and laid-back fun. Get married on the beach, stay in a world-class resort and eat in fine restaurants, with plenty of bars and nightclubs for some late night fun. You and your guests can enjoy going to the spa, golfing, boating and more, all conveniently located in the city. Swimming with dolphins and snorkeling with whale sharks are popular activities that will put you closer to nature. Don’t miss out on the Museo Subacuatico de Arte, and underwater museum made up of over 400 statues and teeming with marine life. The weather in Cancun is warm and sunny all year round, so you can plan your wedding for any season. Wedding packages in Cancun include everything you need to make your big day the best day ever!

Don’t stress over your big day – take a look at our destination wedding planning advice and Cancun attractions to get started.

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  • Destination Wedding Planning Advice

    Destination Wedding Planning Advice

    Destination weddings are great because they are unique and much more rare than traditional weddings. So, the good news is that you are going to have an event that stands out and that your guests will always remember. The bad news is you probably have a lot of planning questions that your family and friends can't answer. That's why we're here. We have the answers to all of your destination wedding planning needs.

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  • Cancun Travel Tips and Ideas

    Cancun Travel Tips and Ideas

    Cancun may be one of the most popular honeymoons spots in the world but that doesn't mean that an adventurous couple needs to stick close to the main part of Cancun where hotels and clubs overrun the beaches. Cancun's geography means eating delicious fare, walking between ruins, swimming with sharks, and of course, enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches snuggled up against the Caribbean Sea.

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