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At first glance, you might wonder what distinguishes the activities, atmosphere, and hotels in Dominica from those of its island neighbors. When it comes to the Caribbean, you’ll find that all islands possess special traits and niches that distinguish them from their neighbors, from the sizzling party locale to the opulent luxury destination to the setting known for green natural beauty. Dominica, also known as “the Nature Island,” reigns supreme in the latter category. Upscale resorts in Dominica exude elegant simplicity for those who can’t do without five-star amenities, but a wide range of boutique cottages and eco-lodges situated right in the midst of primitive rainforests offer extremely unique venues for nature lovers. While the lack of direct flights from the mainland makes Dominica a somewhat tricky travel destination, patience is handsomely rewarded with a pleasant absence of crowds, fun and friendly locals, and the best outdoor activities imaginable. With two thirds of the island covered in tropical rainforests that simply buzz with life, Dominica remains one of the premier Caribbean locations for hiking, animal-watching, and exploring natural wonders like Morne Trois Pitons National Park (home to the remarkable Boiling Lake) and Trafalgar Falls, which features two cascades with hot sulfur springs and a large natural pool perfect for swimming. If you think the land-bound experience sounds incredible, you’ll be thrilled by the equally famed ocean scene, where snorkeling and diving continues to attract marine life enthusiasts from all over the world.

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    Destination Wedding Planning Advice

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    Destination Wedding Travel Advice

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