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Geographically at the top of New England, Maine is also considered a top destination for romance on the northeastern coast. A Maine wedding offers all the traditional architecture, stunning scenery, and charming details that you would expect from an East coast celebration in addition to diverse geographic landscapes that guarantee limitless activities and magnificent sights. Known as the "Pine Tree State," Maine’s topography consists of 90% forestland and mountainous terrain perfect for summer hiking, winter skiing, and the idyllic any-season setting for your special day. Within this green interior exist thousands of glassy lakes and ponds, rustic farms, and up-and-coming towns like Portland with burgeoning art and dining scenes. While the state’s inland beauty is certainly swoon-worthy, it is Maine’s spectacular coastline that truly steals the show. Mother Nature flaunts her best side through glacier-carved harbors, hidden coves, and Acadia National Park’s cobblestone shores and majestic cliffs. Upscale hotels and resorts in Maine tend to center around the cosmopolitan region in the south, though you can find five-star accommodations, quaint B&Bs, and rustic lodges throughout the state for you and all your wedding guests to enjoy.

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  • Destination Wedding Planning Advice

    Destination Wedding Planning Advice

    Destination weddings are great because they are unique and much more rare than traditional weddings. So, the good news is that you are going to have an event that stands out and that your guests will always remember. The bad news is you probably have a lot of planning questions that your family and friends can't answer. That's why we're here. We have the answers to all of your destination wedding planning needs.

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  • Destination Wedding Travel Advice

    Destination Wedding Travel Advice

    Travel is hard enough these days when it is just the two of you. Now imagine that 50 guests coming in for your destination wedding! This section is designed to help you navigate the best way to arrange travel, get the best deals, and all of the practical details that come with destination wedding travel. We can also give you tips on the best ways to keep your guests informed and up-to-date about your event.

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