Dez & Chris

Our Story

How We Met

How We Met

How we met isn't a very original story. Chris was browsing online profiles one day looking for someone to chat with. He saw Desiree's yahoo profile (not personals) thought the picture was cute and started chatting with her.

It turns out we had a lot in common. We both grew up in the same part of down town Brooklyn. Dez and Chris went to the same grammar school in B'klyn (5 years apart). Chris' parents knew some of Desiree's aunts and uncles and both of our parents had common friends. Dez and Chris lived 5 minutes from each other and our parents also live about 5 minutes apart.

After about two months of "chatting" Dez was buzzed one night and after a very flirty conversation, Desiree wouldn't tell Chris what her favorite flower is, she asked him if he was ever going to ask for her phone number. So he did.

The next night Desiree went to a Staten Island Yankee game and when she got home, Chris called her for the first time. After about a half hour of talking Chris got a little weird. This is the conversation that followed:
Chris - I have to ask you something cause you haven't mentioned it
Dez - Ok, what is it
Chris - Well, I did something and it will either freak you out or you'll really like it
Dez - (getting weirded out) What'd you do? Look me up, sit outside my apartment and see me?
Chris - Close, but not actually gave me the idea. We've had conversations and I know that you're listed and I know your last name
Dez - ok
Chris - Well, I did look you up, and I got what I thought was your address and I went to the florist and had 2 of ever flower they have sent to what I THOUGHT was your address, but we've been talking a while and you haven't mentioned it.

Long story short, they were left with the people downstairs because Desiree was out until very late. The next morning, the boy downstairs rang Desiree's doorbell and with eyes wide said "You got flowers" and then his mom proceeded to hand Desiree a HUGE vase full of flowers.

Desiree and Chris went out to dinner at Adobe Blues that night and have been together ever since.

(Desiree is no longer listed lol)

How Chris Proposed

How Chris Proposed

Chris is a mechanic with the Department of Sanitation of New York. They were out of contract for about 4 years, 2 of which Chris worked for them. When they did settle the contract he couldn't wait for his retro check to come in, because it was earmarked for an engagement ring for Desiree.

Chris was working nights when his retro check came in. It hit our joint checking account on Dec. 1. Desiree automatically took that money out of the joint account and put it into Chris' account. Desiree knew that she was getting a ring but wanted to be surprised and didn't want it for Christmas, she figured that because she isn't the "normal 7" size, the ring would have to be ordered and take a few weeks.

It was a Friday and Desiree, Carmela and Felicia had to go bowling to make up a game for a league they were on. Before bowling, Desiree wanted to go out for drinks after work. Bridgette (she was staying with us at the time) had plans to go to her parents for the weekend but decided to head out Sat morning instead of Friday night, she was going to come to the bar & hang out at the bowling ally. Carmela (Dez's sister) was also going to go to the bar, but half way through the day said she didn't really want to go to a bar because she was on antibiotics. So instead of the bar we went out for Sushi before bowling. Desiree wasn't thrilled, but what are you gonna do. After dinner, Desiree was cold and went to put her arms around Chris and he got mad, she thought it was because he didn't feel well.

We get to the bowling ally and actually run into Chris' ex girlfriend, Desiree had never met her before, just heard stories.

While Dez, Mela and Felicia are bowling, Chris was sitting there sweating and looking sick. Desiree thought it had to do with his ex being there and didn't understand what the big deal was.

About half way through the second game, Mela was being obnoxious. Making Dez go get her a drink even though Mela could have went to get it herself...after Mela disappeared for a while when it was her turn. Dez wasn't happy. She was FUMING actually. At one point Mela's name turned into "will y" Desiree saw it, but just thought it was Carmela's friend messing with her (he worked the desk at the bowling ally).

As Desiree is angry and wanting Carmela to just go Chris (sitting behind Desiree) says "Don't be mad"
Desiree (turning around) "why not"
Chris (on one knee) "don't be mad, marry me"

...Bridgette is great with a camera and Felicia got it on video :)