Engersol & Bernadette

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The Engineer and The Architect...

He Said...

from the groom's point of view
He Said...

Bernadette Bernabe Bernal, noticed anything in the name? It always starts with “Berna” (^_^) Funny isn’t it. It’s unusual to have the same first five letters on your name, middle name and family name, I wonder what her parents were thinking that time (^_^) Djeng is a beautiful, sexy, thoughtful, sweet, friendly, smart, intelligent, witty and a straight forward person. She can be very emotional sometimes (sometimes nga ba?...hehehe) but is also always showing how much is her love for someone. We’ll enough with the name and the honoring (^_^), let me share to you how our story began.

It was on the Christian Life Program-CLP of Singles For Christ-SFC that we first met. One of my officemates who was a member already invited me together with two other collogues to attend the talks. At first I was hesitant to attend not knowing that I would meet someone that would change my life. At the end of the CLP I’ve known so much about God and not only Him but someone who also made a significant change in my life, DJENG. I’ve already noticed her during the first part of the CLP but that time I have a girlfriend left in the Philippines so I have to stop thinking about her. We were not close during the CLP proper but her group always sits in the row in front of our group so we were able to talk to her members and be acquainted with eventually. Djeng being late in most of the talk (kelan b siya naging maaga...hehehe) can hardly notice me. But that is until we both joined “Bisita Iglesia”. On the trip going to different churches in the UAE, we made a getting to know activity, think of an adjective that best describes you in which the starting letter should be the same as your name’s starting letter. For my case I used my nickname, “S” for Serious. They were are laughing when I said that because they don’t believe that I am a serious guy with the kind of face I was showing them (^_^) the reason also is that they always see me smiling, that caught her attention. Maybe she wanted to know If I was telling the truth if I am really a serious person.(^_^) After that we often greet each other and eventually we became friends. We started sharing stories to each other about families, college life, work, her past and my present relationship that time. After the CLP we were able to know more about each others life, we have also known that we are already starting to like each other. It’s difficult for me because I have a girlfriend left in the Philippines. Even though our relationship has been struggling because of the difficulty of being far from each other, it’s unfair to her that I am starting to like someone. Before our closeness reach to another level, I decide to first settle all issues with my present relationship. After that we continued to know each other more and the next thing we know, we were already God’s Gift to each other.

Now that we are both serving as leaders in our community, we take this task that was given to us as a preparation to our married life, so that when we start our own family and have our real “anakis” we can together share with our kids the same joy that we are feeling, our prayers and wishes for them and head on face any trials and obstacles in life strengthened by our faith. I believe in these ingredients coupled with putting God in the center of our relationship for us to raise and guide our children into the right direction to become good Christians.

She Said...

from the bride's point of view
She Said...

Engersol Marcelino Pigao, or Sol as others may fondly call him, was born in Bicol (we have the same province, well from my mother’s side, and him from his father’s side). A man was born with greater responsibilities and deeper priorities. He may be simple enough for you to get notice him…but once you heard someone who cracked a hilarious joke, it may come from no other than this guy. You will never see him frown, for this guy was gifted with such great patience to share the feeling of serenity an individual should feel. Certainly, he is selfless person with a pure heart and pure soul.

He is the Engineer one…Civil Engineer to be précised (thanks to TIP and PRC :P), he will be in charge with the estimations, budgeting, calculations, everything about math.
Our story begun last February 2008 when SFC- Dubai had started organizing the CLP (Christian life Program) for Batch 29 started. I was one of the facilitators for the sisters then, and Sol was among the participants. I begun to notice him during Bisita Iglesia, he’s very naughty! But still, he didn’t draw my attention. We became close before CLP ended, like hearing mass together, eating out from time to time, seeing each other during CLP, exchange of texts…and chatting contributed a lot…imagine chatting with each other till 3am in the morning!!! But I knew it wouldn’t be beyond friendship for he has a girlfriend in the Philippines by that time. Until thus the day we had developed some feelings with each other and he told me that he finally broke up with the girl and took a chance to really know each other well. We kept it from everybody during that time for we are not yet ready for their mixed reactions…but then finally, we just can’t help it…but to blurt it all out and announce how much we love each other. Actually we’ve done a nice job, since a lot of people thought that he was courting one of my lower household members. And others can’t tell because that time I was introducing him as a cousin, even as my brother!!!

Funny because I never saw myself involved with someone from SFC, right now I am happy how we encourage one another and stay as God loving as we ought to be. He made a change out of me, from a clubber to a homebody, from a drinker to spiller, from a selfish child to a patient adult. Right now, he was also given a higher task of service, together as leaders, we will continue serving Him throughout the ends of the earth.

He is my Hero…a love that is more than I could dream and hope for.