Carl & Donna

Our Story

Carl and Donna met in 2005 while working at OfficeMax corporate office in Illinois. Carl was an auditor and Donna a cash analyst. The two became great friends and knew they had a special friendship from the beginning. Carl being a man of southern hospitality always showed Donna the utmost care and respect and Donna being a city lady appreciated his qualities as a gentlemen. Time passed and Carl moved to Florida in a career change, while Donna's life led her to DC. Not knowing their paths would cross again they both began to focus on their own lives. One winter day Carl contacted Donna and informed her that he would be in a neighboring state and would love to come and see her... This was the start of a beautiful relationship...

The Proposal

Look who's coming to dinner! :)

Carl and Donna spoke about getting married recently but Donna had no clue about what Carl was about to do. One evening they were invited to crash a dinner with friends at the home of Elder Carlson by a very nice couple and Nick (the friend) asked Carl when he was going to take "the long walk" Donna sitting behind him with a smirk on her face decided to instigate the question with the response "yeah Carl when are you going to take the walk" and in response Carl twirls around and lands on one knee as though it was rehersed and says how about now? Donna's response was simply "now?" Carl then tells Donna how much she means to him and how he counts it a blessing to be in love with his best friend then he said "Donna will you marry me?" Before he could finish his question Donna answers YES!!!