bridal party in charcoal gray dresses surround bride

Sure, you get first pick of the dresses and a shout-out in the program, but being the maid of honor also means a lot of responsibility. Here are 5 ways you can be a stellar MOH for your friend.

Be Supportive

Your number one job is to support your friend. Be a helping hand with the little planning crises that can pop up, and a shoulder for her to cry on when it all just seems too much.  Mostly, she will probably just need someone to listen to her as she debates the merits of fondant vs. buttercream or processes the first dinner with the new in-laws.  This is a joyous but stressful time, and the best thing you can do is support her with what she needs.

Be Proactive

As maid of honor, you aren't required to throw her a shower or host a morning -after brunch. However, if you notice that no one else is stepping up to the plate, it is your job to figure it out.  Basically, being proactive doesn't mean that you have to host everything, but it does mean that it is your responsibility to ensure these things get done.  If you can't host the shower, ask the other bridesmaids if they are available and offer to help.

Be Prepared

You are officially in charge of all worst case scenarios.  Make sure she has everything she needs and then some.  Pack a wedding day survival kit that covers a wide range of mini-emergencies, from a tear in the dress to a wicked sunburn.  Being calmly prepared with quick and thoughtful solutions will help the bride not spin out of control when something unforeseen happens.

Be Gracious

The bride and groom probably aren't going to have the chance to talk with every guest for very long. So, as their representative, make sure you are extra-welcoming and friendly to each guest you encounter.  Chat it up with the grandparents. Share your knowledge of the shortcut back to the city. Help Aunt Martha set up Instagram.  This isn't the most glamorous of duties, but it is something the couple and their families will really appreciate.

Be Communicative

You are a liaison between the bridal party and the bride. She might not be aware that a mutiny is afoot because she won't tone down her expensive taste when it comes to bridesmaid dresses and accessories.  Unfortunately, this rather delicate task falls on you.  Make sure you represent the other women in the bridal party effectively and kindly so that everyone can be perfectly happy on the big day.

Photo Credit: Tamiz Photography