A woman’s best friend, a partner in dress shopping and bridal showering, and an all-around necessary part of the wedding planning adventure, the tasks on the maid of honor’s plate are many. From making toasts to offering emotional support, the maid of honor truly does it all – and does it with grace, charm, and an uncanny ability to know when all that’s needed is a really good joke. Here are ten items that tend to fall under the MOH’s list of responsibilities.

  1. Help organize and lead the rest of the bridesmaids: make sure the other women get their dresses, shoes and any requested jewelry in time.
  2. Go dress shopping with the bride both for her dress and for bridesmaid dresses if requested.
  3. Lend a hand and an ear for wedding planning and prewedding endeavors. Whether it’s addressing invitations or simply listening to guest list woes, the MOH is an essential part of the bride’s support network.
  4. Plan the bachelorette party with the rest of the bridesmaids.
  5. Host the bridal shower – or offer your support if an aunt or other family member steps in to host the event. Offer to keep track of any gifts she receives at pre-wedding celebrations so she can use it to write thank you notes later.
  6. Make sure the bridesmaids arrive at the rehearsal. Help coordinate transportation if necessary.
  7. Take on pre-wedding snacks. See to it that the bride (and the rest of the women!) have something to nosh before the ceremony. Alternatively, make sure the bride gets something to eat at the reception!
  8. Hold the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony and help keep her train (if she has one) looking pretty for photos.
  9. Toast the bride and groom! The MOH’s toast traditionally follows the best man’s.
  10. Make the bride laugh. There may be times when wedding planning has her stressed out or overwhelmed. Help her remember that there is a life outside of wedding planning on those days and enjoy the ride with her when she’s loving every moment.

Image credit: La De Da Photography via Ideas