brown lace bridesmaid dress

From champagne to chocolate, brown bridesmaid dresses are a great choice for brides that want an event filled with elegant, earth-toned details.  Especially with autumn right around the corner, both light and dark brown dresses reflect the colors of the changing season.  Look for lighter brown or champagne-toned dresses (below, right) to create an almost golden glow, against deep, dark chocolate browns.  Although a lot of brides might consider brown a bit boring, there are such a wide variety of hues available that you can find a shade that will look amazing on each one of your bridesmaids.  When brown is your accent color, it can also make your main, richer color really pop.

brown bridesmaid dress
champagne bridesmaid dresses
long taupe bridesmaid dress


For a vintage wedding, your bridesmaids will look completely classic in long, lace dresses in any shade of brown. Above, this pretty, golden taupe is paired with a 3/4 sleeve white lace overlay. Below, this lavender-toned brown (deliciously called "truffle") will appear more purple or brown depending on the other colors it is paired with.  It's also a beautiful choice for women with darker skin tones.

truffle lace bridesamid dress
sand colored bridesmaid dress
chocolate halter bridesmaid dress

Because brown isn't naturally as sexy a color as red or black, pep dresses up with interesting necklines or curve-accentuating cuts. This sand-colored dress (above, left) featured a cutout along the neck and a column skirt, lengthening her silhouette. Halter (above, right) and sleeveless high neck dresses (below) are definitely for the ladies with the enviable arms.  Because these necklines are unusual, make sure to advise your bridal party to correct any tan lines with a bronzer before the wedding.

brown high neck bridesmaid dress


Looking to create a moody atmosphere at your autumn wedding? Select chocolate brown dresses with black lace overlays.  From a distance they will look like LBDs, but up close they will be just a little bit softer.

brown and black bridesmaid dress
black and brown bridesmaid dress

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