pale bridesmaid dress

Shopping together at a boutique can be fun, but often bridesmaids are all over country and that's just not possible.  When you have a bridal party from coast to coast, consider buying dresses online.  Look for styles that will flatter a variety of figures, and find the perfect color to match your wedding's palette. When you buy bridesmaid dresses from Review, you can find all sorts of elegant and colorful options. We've picked out a few dresses that we love and that are all about this season's dress trends.

Above, expect to see a lot of mint over the next year.  Mint is so popular right now for bridesmaids, especially brunettes. A bit lighter than an aqua, and more colorful than an off-white, mint is pale and serene.  Paired with pearls and a cute mani, and your bridal party will look (and feel) cool and sophisticated.

purple bridesmaid dress

Next, the simplicity of this dress (above) is the perfect option for a bridesmaid dress that is between seasons.  Coming out of summer, it is still lightweight and flowy and can be paired with a sweet pair of wedge sandals. But as cooler months approach can easily be warmer up with a pashmina and opera gloves.  Especially for hourglass and athletic bridesmaids, the silhouette will highlight all the great aspects of their figure.  The "belted" waist with the flowing skirt is flattering for both long and lean bodies (you will see Kate Middleton use this silhouette frequently), as well as the small-waisted hourglass crowd.  Everyone wins.

bright bridesmaid dress

We admit that we love it when cute meets sensible.  And there are much fewer tan line mishaps when bridesmaid dresses have sweet cap sleeves rather than opting for strapless dresses. These boho-inspired lace sleeves (above) give this classic dress an extra dose of pizazz, and the overall look would be flattering on a variety of figures.  V-neck dresses are also really comfortable for your bridal party to wear because it probably is the neckline they most often choose for their everyday wardrobe.  And I must admit, I am in love with the fashion-forward pairing of this scarlet dress with blush shoes!

So, gather your bridesmaids for an online meetup and decide which of these dresses you all love the most!