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Try Different Cuts

Sometimes all your wedding party needs is a few variations to mix it up. Try selecting a dress that comes in different cuts and necklines. This allows each of your favorite gals to wear something that flatters them, but still keeps a uniform look. This party totally nailed it!

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Beaded Dresses
Photo: Wedding Day

It's All in the Details

It's the little things that make your big day special. Pick a detail that you want to carry through your dress choices to tie them all together. Not only do these colors work together, but these dresses all feature beautiful beadwork!

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Blue and Grey Bridesmaids Dresses
Photo: Fab Mood

Bouquets Be Your Guide

There is nothing we love more than the romantic vibes of a slate and dusty blue wedding. This bride pulled the light colors from her bouquet arrangements into the dresses. The similar style and accessories brought it all together.

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Cardigan Crazed

This bride went with mismatched taupe dresses. To tie them together they each wore a cute wintery cardigan on top. This keeps your party warm and toasty, but also cohesive.

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Set the Tone

Pick a similar color tone and stick with colors in that family. Play with different shades, cuts, and textures to pick a winning line-up of dresses. This bride selected gorgeous champagne dresses and also pulled in some sequins and shimmer. All of this sparkle adds to the chic elegance of a winter wedding.

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Mix Up the Accesories

If you know you want to each bridesmaid to look unique, but aren't sure you want different dresses, try changing up the accessories. A different necklace, shoes, shawl, or adorable fur coat is always a safe, but chic option.

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Pops of Color

The reappearing hints of black and sequins brings this party together. Think about your wedding color palette and decor. See if you can bring some of those elements into your bridesmaids' attire.

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Beautiful in Burgundy

Burgundy is such a stunning color for a winter bridesmaid dresses. These two-toned, burgundy dresses flow flawlessly together. The slightly different tones and styles add uniqueness without being too all over the place.

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Emerald Bridesmaids Dresses
Photo: Mod Wedding

Maid of Honor Stands Out

Pick out a dress that stands out a little more for your maid of honor. We love how this bride has everyone in a gorgeous emerald shade and then her best girl in sequins. This idea really shines!

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Blue and Grey Bridesmaids Dresses
Photo: Mod Wedding

Select a Sillouette

These dresses could not be more different when it comes to their texture and necklines. What really makes them all complement each other is the similar silhouette and tone. Select a cut that you want all your dresses to have and a few colors. This will really let you play with textures, patterns, and necklines. Trust us, it's fun!

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Ombre Dresses
Photo: Brit + Co.

The Ombre Effect

Know you want your dresses to be a certain color, but don't know how to make them stand out? Try selecting different shades of that color to create a stunning ombre effect with your bridal party. It looks gorgeous in photos! We love this berry tone for winter.

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Sequined dresses
Photo: Brit + Co.

Tasteful Texture

This bridal party style sparkles in sequined dresses. Instead of selecting dresses around color, pick a texture or style detail. This brings everyone together, but lets each bridesmaid stand out. For winter bridesmaid dresses, sequins are always a festive pick!