One-Shoulder dresses to wear to weddings

One-shoulder dresses are a great way to show a tiny bit of extra skin, while still meaning that you’ve got loads of extra style. The perfect choice for special occasions!

This asymmetrical silhouette gives off a playful vibe in a classic way, and they can work for brides or anyone attending an upcoming wedding event!

A few key tips to remember when shopping this style for yourself:

  • Undergarments are everything. No one wants to have a wardrobe malfunction or a lopsided top-half.  Use sticky tape to keep the strapless side in place, and if you’re too busty for a completely strapless bra, try out one of the convertibles you see here.
  • Bold colors are a modern choice. I prefer to keep things streamlined in the fabric department, and opting for a solid color instead of a print can be the best way to ease into this look, one trend at a time.
  • Experiment with lines. These elegantly sloping necklines leave lots of room for creativity in other parts of each piece.  Whether you’re donning something drapey or would rather be in ruffles, there is something for nearly any style preference and body type.

Another thing to love about this style is the ability it has to tie an entire bridal party together.  If the bride wanted the trend to be a part of her own look, it would be such a fun theme to carry over into the bridal party dresses. (Added bonus if the mothers of the bride and groom wanted to play along, as well!)

What do you think about the trend?  Would you bare one of your shoulders in exchange for being ahead of the style curve?


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