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Bold & Colorful Corsages

One option for festive mother of the bride flowers is to wear a bright and vibrant corsage. Particularly if you are wearing a neutral or black dress, this will give a joyful pop of color to your wedding day look.

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Classic Accessory

For traditional MOBs, nothing beats a simple corsage pinned to your dress. This combination of roses and eucalyptus leaves not only looks pretty, but it also smells lovely. This floral statement would be fitting at a garden event.

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Photo: Diddle Bug

Alternative Flowers

If the bride has chosen to use paper flowers instead of actual blooms, get yourself a corsage to match. This book page flower ties to your wrist with a simple ribbon.

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Southern Belle

Take a note from Southern mothers of the bride and wear a gorgeous hat decorated with flowers instead of a corsage. Just make sure that your hat isn't so tall that it blocks others' view of the ceremony.

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A Tiny Cluster

Carry a tiny cluster of flowers down the aisle instead of a corsage. If you are feeling a bit nervous about your own walk down the aisle, having something to carry might make you more confident.

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Modern Corsages

If you want a more modern corsage, find one that uses a large single bloom, such as a dahlia or gardenia. Or try a corsage that keeps the traditional arrangement of flowers but exchanges the usual wrist ribbon for a pearl bracelet.

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Photo: Bryan Gardner

Statement Accessory

You've heard of statement jewelry. For your impactful accessory, choose an oversized corsage instead. Wearing flowers along the neckline of your dress is a trend even brides are adopting instead of a traditional bouquet. Let the flowers drape over your shoulder so that the corsage can also peek out over the back of your dress.

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Posy Bouquets

Carry a posy bouquet down the aisle that is either identical to or uses the same flowers as the bridal party bouquets. These smaller versions will be easy to carry, and particularly with herbal bouquets, you can dry them as a keepsake.

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Floral Embellishment

Weave and tuck flowers into a pretty wire headband to create an enchanting choice for mother of the bride flowers. You can wear this style with long or short hair and use the headband later for other formal occasions.

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DIY Floral Comb

Make yourself your very own floral hair comb. These pretty accents are best assembled with sturdy flowers and plants like roses and brunia berries.