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simple Juliet cap veil
Photo: Agnes Hart

1930s Updo

For Art Deco weddings, no bridal detail is quite so on point as a Juliet cap veil with a finger waves 'do. You can achieve this easily with short hair or by pinning up longer tresses.

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boho Juliet cap veils
Photo: Claire Pettibone

Boho Brides

If your theme is on the boho side, find a Juliet cap veil with lots of lace that will go with beachy waves. This Claire Pettibone veil feels both vintage and modern.

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flower accented lace Juliet cap veil
Photo: The Honeycomb

Floral Accents

Love the idea of walking down the aisle with flowers in your hair, but don't want to give up a veil? With a Juliet cap veil you can tuck flowers along the sides where the fabric is gathered.

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Blushing Bride

Blush wedding dresses are very fashionable, but many women prefer traditional white. If you want a pop of color, though, try a bright blush veil like this option in tulle.

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intricately detailed Juliet cap veil
Photo: Danani

Intricate Details

Although plenty of Juliet cap veils are simple and long, this one features intricate details and beadwork. To truly showcase the workmanship on a veil like this one, wear with a simple and unadorned dress so that the veil can stand out.

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floral lace Juliet cap veil
Photo: La Belle

Garden Party Ready

This floral lace band along the cap of the veil is the ultimate statement accessory for a vintage bride planning a garden wedding. Floral and feminine, you can wear your hair up or down with this veil.

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Golden Glow

However, these veils aren't just for the vintage gals. Modern brides can wear updated versions of this trend, such as this sparkling golden example.

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Complementary Accessories

Because of the way that this veil style sits on your head, you can easily pair it with other hair accessories such as clips along the side, or a headband (as shown here). If you want to ditch the veil for the reception, your hair will already be "done" underneath.

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lace edged Juliet cap veil
Photo: Sibo Designs

Light as Air

We love very sheer Juliet cap veils, whether the veil is fingertip length or longer. Unlike other veil styles that float away from you, Juliet cap styles will stay close to you and not distract from the silhouette of your dress.

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silk tulle Juliet cap veil
Photo: Agnes Hart

Unique Lace

For added drama, look for veils that use lace with different patterns such as Swiss dot, Edwardian design, or a fishnet style like the one worn by this chic bride.