Islington Town Hall Wedding Photos

Sparkling Jackets

Especially fetching with a-line retro wedding dresses, a gold sequined jacket or cardigan is a super stylish choice.  Find a gold metallic that is flattering against your skin tone (some gals may benefit from more of a rose gold than a yellow one) and in a cut that hits your dress at the right place.  Of course, one of the main reasons we adore this trend is that you can wear these sparkly toppers again and again (and there's nothing wrong with a little practicality, right?).

society bride
Lev Kuperman Photography copy
Natalie Spencer Photography copy

Glam Fur

Nothing says glam luxury like a little faux fur (vintage fur is another good choice for brides that don't mind wearing real fur, but also don't want to support the fur industry).  With faux fur looking more elegant and sophisticated than ever before, you can find just about any color you'd like, from camel-colored chic for brides with lighter hair (above) to snowy white for deep, dark brunettes (below).

Eliza Jane Howell copy

For a more modern adaptation, find a fur topper with short sleeves.  These are so popular right now that you can find them to match formal gowns (below, left) or more casual reception dresses (below, right).

Annabelle NYC copy
Helen Moore copy

Wool Sweaters

It's an unexpected combo when you pair a wintry sweater with your wedding dress, but it's one of our favorite new trends. Smashing for a mountain or lodge wedding, brides look toasty bundled up in layers of crocheted scarves and shawl collar sweaters.

Aneta Mak Photography copy
Banjo & Matilda copy

Wedding dress separates can easily be paired with a pullover cable knit for a rustic chic look (above). Very modern brides might love this relaxed, minimalist sweater below paired with an embroidered skirt below.

kaviargauche-bridalcouture-2015-bridalknitsweater3 copy

Keeping it Light

If your winter weather is brisk rather than frigid, you probably don't need such a heavy topper. Or, if you are simply going to be indoors the entire time and want to stave off the random chill, keep your layers light.

Claire Pettibone copy

It is especially important for lighter layers to really blend in with the wedding gown. This intricate shrug above features embroidered lace and sheer paneling and is paired with a flowy, boho wedding dress.

Metallic dresses are all the rage, but sometimes it's hard to find the "right" shade of white to wear with them. Go with a slightly shimmery black instead for a modern look at your wedding reception.

Glint copy

Want a more dramatic topper? Check out this hot celebrity trend.

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