I was looking through posts yesterday and realized we've never done an article on ban.do. How could I have let this happen?!?! As a wedding blogger, it's my responsibility to send you to the happiest places on the Internet where you can be inspired by gorgeous finds. To not mention ban.do...well, let's just say, I was this close to turning in my blogger badge last night.

Ban.do accessories are unabashedly girly, very sparkly and always styled beautifully (if you're looking for ideas on how to wear your hair at your wedding, I would recommend taking a look around their site). I love their hair accessories, especially their black label line, which features handmade, vintage pieces that are one-of-a-kind. (On a side note, doesn't she make you want to dye your hair red? Every time I do it, I'm sorry, but when I see photos like this I can't help but want to!).

Dramatic wedding hair accessories, including feathers, bows and flowers.

Their bridal line has a bit more sparkle and a bit less drama, which is the perfect pairing for a modern bride.

Modern wedding hair accessories, including flowers, a bird cage, feathers and a veil.

You can hook your bridesmaids up too. They have such fun flowers that can either be worn in their hair or as a corsage (including a truly oversized version for your daring bridesmaid friends), as well as a line of sweet bows.

Hair accessories for bridesmaids, including vintage flowers and bows.

And I had to include what must be their signature accessory - their shoe clips! Such an easy way to spice up your outfit, plus they also work in your hair or as a brooch. Brilliant!

Sparkly shoe clips, including heart shaped bows rhinestone bow ties.