A maxi short sleeved boho wedding dress for a beach wedding.

Some girls have been looking at wedding dresses since they were hanging out with friends at slumber parties, and others...well, they'd prefer an alternative wedding dress.  Traditional brides would be shocked to know just how many of their peers really don't want to wear anything too "bridal" on their big day.  For various reasons, these women look for something a bit alternative for their walk down the aisle. For those of you who can totally relate, this round-up is for you!

The Beachy, Boho Bride: "I don't want to wear a wedding dress in the sand."

Especially if you are planning a destination wedding, nothing sounds more unappealing than schlepping 20 pounds of tulle to the beach.  If you still want something vaguely bridal, try a style like the gorgeous dress above.  It's light and flowy and casual.  And it is a perfect compromise for women who have traditional moms that want them to wear white.

Glam tan nontraditional maxi wedding dress
Long sleeved white wedding dress with keyhole detail.

If white isn't important, then embrace cool colors and dynamic patterns. The burnout dress above (left) would be amazing at sunset in Hawaii, right?  Brides looking for something unconventional, but slightly more formal, could check out this sexy dress with long sleeves and daring cutouts (right). It needs to be worn with heels, though (well, unless you are in the WNBA or Taylor Swift), so save this for oceanfront weddings on a patio.

Nontraditional gold wedding dress for glam bride

The Ultra Glam Bride: "I want to look like a glam version of me, not a frosted cupcake."

If you find yourself drooling over bridesmaid dresses instead of wedding gowns, why not just buy yourself a cool cocktail dress?  You're probably fairly practical and want a dress that you can either wear again or that completely suits your eclectic style.  Opt for sparkly gold (if a gold wedding dress is good enough for Serena van der Woodsen, it's good enough for us) with a sultry silhouette like the gown above.  Or, if you favor bold colors, we are in love with this blue and silver Oscar de la Renta below. It's flattering on a bride of any age and is a dress you can definitely pull out for special occasions.

Short blue nontraditional wedding dress

Another choice is to find a really chic and "non-cupcakey" wedding dress. Bridal designers have come a LONG way (even just in the last decade) when it comes to creating fresh, modern looks. No one will think of a baked confection when you walk down the aisle in a stunner like the dress below.

Nontraditional glam wedding dress

Short lace and nude wedding dress

The Bold Bride: "I didn't give up carbs to wear a princess gown."

You've got a great set of gams and you want to show them off. Or you are really proud of what a little weight lifting has done for your body.  Or maybe you just really prefer short dresses.  Whatever the reason, you aren't in a hurry to cover up in yards and yards of organza.  Instead of searching for wedding dresses, try looking for a "reception" dress.  Usually shorter and a little sassier, these dresses were designed so that the bride could be traditional at her ceremony and then a bit less tame at the reception. We say if "less tame" is how you roll, go with it.  The lace dress above is great for more relaxed weddings, and you can tailor it to either have more of a shift silhouette or be more form-fitting.  Below, this statement-back, high-low hemline dress is sensational for brides that want a powerful statement gown (just with less fabric than most).

Hi-lo wedding dress in lace with open back
Nontraditional wedding pantsuit for bride

The Practical Bride: "I haven't worn a dress since my high school graduation. Why would I start now?"

To all brides that want to wear pants, 2016 is your year!  There have never been so many adorable, amazing, sophisticated options as there are now (can you tell we're a little partial?).  For summer, find a suit with a camisole top (above) or just a lace romper (below) to stay cool.  Either way, with these looks, shoes are everything.  Spend your accessory fund on a killer set of heels to pair with this fashion-forward statement.

Nontraditional short lace wedding romper for bride

The City Hall Bride: "I don't want to wear a wedding dress to the courthouse."

For the record, you can absolutely wear a ridiculously formal wedding dress to city hall. You do you.  But if you would prefer not to, there are tons of stylish options for your big day.  You could certainly Carrie Bradshaw it in a vintage suit (much love, SJP), but we like the below choices even better. Wear a snazzy shift dress with ultra-modern style for a completely updated interpretation of a classic look (below, left).  Or go for the unbeatable casual and girly combo of a pullover sweater and tulle skirt. This bride (below, right) looks like her city hall wedding is sponsored by Clinque Happy and we couldn't love the whole thing more!

Short gold wedding dress for nontraditional bride
Blue Tulle Skirt with Sweater for Nontraditional Bride

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