I was just doing a little window browsing over at my favorite place to virtually shop, Foley + Corinna, and... I'm sorry to tell you that you guys are going to have to add a little more to your wedding budget to purchase a cute (and short!) reception dress. Because just LOOKIT all these options...


First of all, this one, the Bardot Dress, could even be your freaking wedding dress, if you're going for that hippie vibe.


This strapless corset dress wants to throw down and dance all night. Extra bonus: fun flippy skirt to, you know, flip around.


Speaking of flippy skirts, this beaded Godot dress has flippiness plus the sparkle-factor. I like this for a '20s-style wedding.


The beaded feather dress combines, well, beads AND feathers. I guarantee your guests have never seen a reception dress like this at a wedding.


The Clara Bow cocktail dress is so heavenly that I think I've died and gone to heaven. I wore a dress like this to my bridal shower, but this would be an amazing as a reception dress.


The strapless sequin tulle dress is ANOTHER option that could be amazing as a wedding dress. As a reception dress, though, that cute little gathered detail in the back is a sweet allusion to your wedding train.


OMG! Stop the show in the Paillette dress in platinum. Seriously, can you imagine dancing your reception in this dress? Yes, of course you can! I can too!

Right? I told you I was sorry about your expanded wedding budget, but MAN are these worth it or what!?