How do I go about choosing wedding dress material that’s right for my body?

Bridal Fashion Expert, RoseLynn Micari-Fiumara's Answer:
When choosing a bridal gown there are several fabric and material options available to you.

Classic fabrics include: satin, mikado, chiffon, charmeuse, organza, taffeta and tulle. They differ in so many ways. And, with the addition of Swarovski beading, lace trims, feathers, beaded bands and floral appliqués, today's most fashion-forward wedding gowns come in a variety of styles to fit any body type.

When trying on gowns it is important to try varying fabrics. You can get a feel for the weight, quality, and structure of the garment. See how the fabric "moves." This will also help you to narrow your search and focus on the fabrics that you are comfortable in. With this many choices, how does a bride choose what is right for them?

If you are choosing a silk fabric, please bear in mind that the fibers are natural and therefore imperfect. Silks have "flubs" - little lines that are often mistaken for pulls. If this is going to drive you crazy then you should consider a silk blend (mixed with synthetic, like polyester). This is a way to not only bring your cost down, but also eliminate the majority of "imperfections" in the fabric.

If you are fuller figured, or you simply want a more forgiving gown, try going with a heavier fabric like a silk satin, mikado, or lace. Stay away from slinky fabrics like silk charmeuse or chiffon that are often cut on a bias. These lighter fabrics tend to leave nothing to the imagination and can show every nook and cranny! Consider a dress that has elements of beading, ruching or lace at the waist. These treatments often cover creases created by a curvy figure and can create the illusion of a smaller waist and smoother midsection. A-line skirts of satin or taffeta are also very figure flattering. Be careful, though, sometimes going too full in a skirt can make you appear wider than you really are.

If you are looking to show off a slender frame, try silk or satin charmeuse. It is creamy and hugs the body. Styles like silk and satin trumpet gowns accentuate waistlines and hips by elongating body lines. This body type can also try a low drop-waist. It combines that sexy fitted look with the glamour and drama of a full skirt.

Remember, the fabric and details of your gown should embody you. You want your friends, family and, of course, your groom to be able to see you written all over the dress.