Maybe it's because Spring is in the air but I'm finding myself drawn to bright colors more and more this season. And LulaKate's line of bridesmaid dresses feel like the perfect antidote to the Winter months. Colorful and cheery, her dresses also have refined elegance that speaks to its designer's Southern roots. And with the dresses' classic lines, just about every body type will find a comfortable home.

Each dress is available in a multitude of colors (seriously, there are a ton to choose from) using either a silk fabric or a striped, seersucker cotton blend.  With all of the colors and styles to choose from each member of your party could wear the same color but with a different style or you could even choose a couple colors from the same palette to really spice things up.

And while her dresses have a timeless feel, they're also very modern. Like her take on the one-shoulder dress (which has been everywhere this season) - it somehow manages to feel on trend and classic at the same time, doesn't it? (Bridget and Maggie dresses)


Now, you all know I love me some ruffle and this Christy version is so ridiculously elegant; it would be perfect for an evening cocktail party. Or you can keep the ruffle but go for a completely different feel with the  Sophie or Alex (it's amazing how it's the same dress but with just a bit of a different neckline - they feel so different!).




Or you could also go for a very clean and simple look for total elegance. (Pearl and Ashley)


Gina and Caroline and Rae


Check out her full line of dresses (including wedding dresses!) over on LulaKate.