Matthew Christopher’s wedding dresses are, without a doubt, stunning. A designer who knew from an early age that bridal fashion was his calling, Matthew puts his brides first and the gowns show it: the fit of his dresses is absolutely breathtaking. We were lucky enough to have the chance to sit down with Matthew at a recent trunk show in Denver where we talked about inspiration, trends and how much he adores Little White Dress Bridal (we’ll admit it – we do too!).


What was the first piece of clothing that you designed.

Oh God. I was sketching when I was a kid, my mom got me fashion plates. Fashion plates were where you took the head, bodice and skirt and you could rub the chalk and make your different outfits. I was doing dresses, I was doing fur coats. When I was a kid I was sketching from third grade on.


How did you get into the bridal fashion industry?

I was probably about ten and I knew I was going to do evening wear or wedding gowns. It was either that, music, or I was going to be a chef. I was blessed with all of the creative outlets. I think I knew I was going to be a bridal gown designer when I saw my first ads with Lazaro and Vera Wang. When Vera came out with her sheer illusion after she dressed Nancy Kerrigan. So I started sewing and I learned to sew for 4H. I was doing shorts and stuff like that, and then I really started sewing evening. I learned how to do evening wear and I was doing everyone’s prom dresses and then in college is when I started making wedding gowns. Instead of having a job in college that was my job. I was gung ho. I knew what I wanted.

What’s one thing that you always carry with you?

I carry a notepad and I take notes on my iPhone all the time, thinking about new seasons. I will sometimes carry my sketchpad around and I carry information about different brides. I’m always traveling I have to have notes in my bag to answer brides’ questions.


What does your creative process look like?

I sketch. I have to be somewhere where your sense are heightened, like take me somewhere. I love architecture. I start with architecture and then work into the organic side, to kind of give you the romance in all of that. I went to Paris last year and almost died. It was just a weekend. There’s a song called “Light in the Piazza” and …I get a lot of inspiration from music too.

What else inspires you to create?

The brides. The salon owners. It helps you a lot when you’re working with people you really care about.

What’s the one thing you think a bride needs to have with her on her wedding day?

She needs to remember what she’s doing that day. It’s a sacrament, it’s all about love and the heart. That’s the one thing she needs to have with her.


What do you want a woman to feel when she’s wearing one of your dresses?

I want her to feel sexy, I want her to feel romantic, I want her to feel absolutely the most special she’s ever felt. I want her to feel like a red carpet celebrity.

What advice do you have for brides who are wedding dress shopping?

Don’t shop forever. When you’re shopping for your dress, don’t think that pictures from your iPhone are going to help you see how that dress really looks. The way the dress really looks is between you and the mirror. You know when you look in the mirror, why would you want a picture to remember? The mirror tells you the truth. That’s what was taught to me. It’s a really good lesson. It’s special in the mirror.


Your 2014 collection is the Devotion collection. Can you tell me a little bit more about that, and the meaning behind it?

It’s called Devotion because I just got married to my husband. We just got married last December. So it was about being devoted to my work, to my apartment, to being the designer that I am. Every year I want to come up with a new way to get brides talking about what we’re doing. The devotion of what marriage is really about. I’m very sentimental, so that’s what it’s about.

What trends do you see upcoming in bridal fashion?

Oh, brides all want a sleeve. Lightweight fabrics, Chantilly, and low, low backs. Brides want to see different necklines. And they want to show off their curves, no matter what size. It really just depends on the bride.