ivory dress and jacket

Going simple with a courthouse wedding?  We happen to love the look of a wedding "suit" over a traditional gown for a trip to city hall. They can be chic and classic or cutting-edge modern, but either way, suiting up is a pretty terrific way to start your new life together!  Hesitant to give up on the idea of a princess dress?  Feel free to wear whatever you want, but remember that one of the most iconic wedding dresses ever was worn by Marilyn Monroe at her wedding to Joe DiMaggio, and it was a black suit dress.  Plus, this is a wedding dress that you will actually be able to wear again. And if you are as practical as I am, that has definite appeal!

pink ombre wedding dress suit

Whether you want to buy vintage or just be inspired by retro trends, these types of courthouse suits are nostalgic and classic. A sleek pencil skirt paired with a just-above-the-waist jacket makes for a stunning (and very flattering) silhouette.

white lace jacket with cocktail dress
dramatic white suit dress

But maybe you want less Marilyn and more Olivia Pope. A creamy power suit might be just the ticket for your noon nuptials. This striking white suit (above) has modern details, but is still super sexy.  Below, this khaki and white ensemble is totally for the modern, minimalist bride who wants something special, but also something she can wear to work.

modern khaki and white suit

And if that option still wasn't practical enough for you, I bring you this amazing light plaid suit.  For the woman who is fitting in her wedding between conference calls, this is a gorgeous choice.  And yes, you can wear pants to your wedding.

modern muted plaid suit
golden hued dress and jacket

Some of the best courthouse wedding dresses are suit-inspired, while still being a little dressed up. By pairing a simple sheath-style cocktail dress with a bolero or tailored jacket, you can get all the style of the suit, while still feeling "bridal".

gold cocktail dress and jacket
coral crosshatch jacket and white skirt
gray lace skirt and jacket

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