We're thrilled to have the opportunity to speak directly with the designers who create the details we look at and love every day! Cristiano Lucci's gowns, a fashion-forward collection that ranges from dazzling on-trend designs to timeless silhouettes (all with a practical budget in mind!), are utterly elegant and aptly described as affordable luxury.  We're particularly into the gorgeous details and ultra-feminine structure, and were thrilled to get a sneak peek into Cristiano's world and creative process. We hope you enjoy!

Creative interview with wedding dress designer Cristiano Lucci

Now for a look at some of our favorite gowns from this ever so talented designer. Can you say statement back (and illusion neckline, while we're on the subject...)?

strapless Cristiano Lucci wedding gown
beautiful statement back wedding dress
wedding dress with illusion neckline
lace wedding dress with ballgown silhouette

Thank you so much for sharing, Cristiano! We can't wait to see what you have in store!