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For the Princess

You can't help it: You're a princess bride. You're all about the tight bodice, pouffy skirt, and delicate beading. The only thing that can make you look even more regal is an off the shoulder sleeve. Are you ready, Prince Charming?

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Longer is Better

Many drop sleeves are only a few inches long, but this simple gown plays up the drama by incorporating elbow length sleeves. It almost makes the shoulders look even softer!

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Illusion Lines

This off the shoulder wedding dress is all an illusion; when this bride turned around, she actually had buttons all the way up her back. However, the nude illusion neckline is so perfectly matched to the skin tone of the bride, it's as if the lace is magically attached directly to her arms.

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Cap Sleeves

These off the shoulders sleeves are easy to fashion yourself if you're finding it hard to find the perfect gown. Either pin a sash strategically to the inside of your dress to make the sleeves, or ask your seamstress to make some out of complementary fabric.

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Boho Chic

It's difficult to not fall in love with this elegant, yet bohemian bridal look. Paired with a tousled mane of hair or an unstructured updo, your partner won't be able to keep his eyes off you.

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V for Victory

The position of these off the shoulder sleeves gives a beautiful v-shape to the neckline, both in the front and the back of the dress. What can we say? It completes the look beautifully.

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white tulle off the shoulder sleeves wedding gown
Photo: Steve DePino

Airy Elegance

Play around with the texture of your sleeves so that it gives you exactly the look you are going for. By choosing tulle, this bride attained a light and airy neckline that has us all holding our breaths.

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ivory asymmetical off the shoulder wedding dress
Photo: Once Wed

Asymmetrical Style

Are you exhausted with all those wedding planning decisions? There's no need to commit to a single look when you have an asymetrical wedding gown. This simple, elegant dress gains some playfulness from the single off the shoulder sleeve with the other one mirroring the otherwise classic look of the bride.

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Rustic Settings

Picture a golden field at sunset, your beloved's hands around your waist, and your family smiling at your immense happiness. This is the dress for the occasion. The bare shoulders, bottom flare, and white lace encapsulate all those warm feelings at once.

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Ready for Tea

We love tea length gowns for their fun and girlish look, and an off the shoulder neckline can only make the whole ensemble better. Time to clink those champagne glasses and tap those heels, there's a vintage bride in the house!