This season I became the teensy-est bit obsessed with Project Wedding. Mondo was from my hometown so I likened it to the semi-crazed state my husband enters into around World Cup season; by watching, from the exact same position on my couch, I was playing an integral part in Mondo's ability to continually win. Therefore, I take full responsibility for the (spoiler alert!) devastating outcome; I (gulp!) DVR'd the show that night, putting my visiting relatives (if you can imagine!) above my hometown favorite. I hang my head in shame, Denver Mondo fans.

I wasn't as obsessed the season Carol Hannah was on but I distinctly remember her warm, down-to-earth personality that didn't get embroiled in all the drama. Which is exactly how her collection of wedding dresses feels. Easy-to-wear, figure flattering with little pops of detailing, they're for a modern gal who wants to feel pretty without being over-the-top.

She also has a fun line of accessories that would add a pop of personality to any dress (I included my fave, her Fairy Cuff below).

Church Street Gown


Church Street Gown back


Hassel Street Gown


Spring Street Dress


Anson Street Gown


Chalmers Street Gown


Twinkle Cuff