I've been lucky enough to spend the last few days at New York Bridal Week, getting a look at wedding dress designers upcoming collections for Spring 2011. And what a show it's been! I'll be sharing sneak peeks at their collections from the shows over the next week.

One of my favorites was eco-dress designer, Lindee Daniel. Her mission is to make eco-sustainable dresses that are socially conscious and, most importantly, gorgeous. And, I think she has absolutely hit the mark! Her designs are elegant with great detailing and don't scream that they're Green. I promise to do a longer post on her designs once I have her professional shots (rather than my low quality ones...) but I wanted to make sure you got a peek at this really cool company!

A model wearing a Lindee Daniel green, eco-friendly wedding dress.
A model wearing the "Rey" design, another of Lindee Daniel's gowns.
A model covered in a sheer black cloth wears the "Laya" design, a dramatic, ruffled gown.
A model poses in the "Lauren" design, an elegant, ruched and ruffled gown.
A model strikes a pose in the "Michele" design, a simple, more traditional gown.