I love white -- I love white dresses, in particular. But I don't necessarily love wedding dresses. They're somewhat predictable and, as a lover of fashion, I tend to seek out wedding dresses that could be seen as something else. They could be seen on the red carpet or at a gala, but they don't HAVE to only be seen walking down the aisle.

I have no idea what kind of wedding I might eventually have, but I do know that these six wedding dresses evoke an incredibly strong sense of lust, romance, and overall, oogle-ablilty; the exact emotions I hope to feel and evoke at my wedding! Are they alternative? Maybe! Are they gorgeous? Um, yeah. Very.

Starting with the above dress, Elie Saab's Nerta gown is romantic and practical and made with perfect proportions. It's not too tight, it's not at all big. It would most likely have the women at your wedding in tears (of jealousy).


Drooooooooool. Simplicity wrapped with a bow. I can't help but die over this Valentino dress.


Lace brings out the romantic in me, as it's traditional and sweet. But Alberta Ferretti puts her signature goddess-draping twist on this gown, and the long strip of fabric off the back shoulder is quite a compelling idea for a train.


Do we die?!?! Uma Thurman recently picked this strapless Versace gown to wear in Cannes, and I love the floaty feathers. I'd love to doctor this up on a wedding day with touches of dove grey in the form of accessories and hair pieces.


I could not fathom a cooler veil than this one from Lanvin. And I love the swishiness of the skirt, the simple beaded top, and the flighty feathers of the dress.


There's only one word for this draped masterpiece: Stunning. The slightly sculpted shoulder will offset a big-breasted bride, but I also just adore the way Derek Lam's ever-so-elegantly pleated skirt swishes smoothly around the body. It's body conscious without any self-consciousness.

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