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A-Line, A+

This beautiful hybrid of princess pouf and city girl sleek just glows in the evening sunlight. The long sleeves will keep your arms a little warmer and the blush will give you a wonderful foundation to your fall wedding color palette. This A-line dress gets an A++ from us!

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Off the Shoulder

This off the shoulder fall wedding gown has long sleeves but still manages to slip us a better view of the bride's shoulders. Wonderfully romantic and feminine, it's a stellar style that'll make you feel like the prettiest of brides.

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Vintage Beauty

The delicate fabric of this fall wedding dress seems to envelope the bride's body in a most attractive manner. The lace details lend a vintage look, creating a magical and timeless dress.

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Sophisticated Simplicity

So sophisticated and elegant, this open-back, long-sleeved wedding dress is nothing less than a work of art. In the front, it features a pretty boatneck and hundreds of little buttons running down the length of the back and at the bottoms of the sleeves. There's beauty in this simplicity and it's not going unnoticed.

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lace overlay long sleeve wedding dress
Photo: Inbal Dror


We're used to seeing overlays over fall wedding dresses, but what about a dress that is very sheer? Layer this lacy wedding dress over a simple slip and you could really have something special and unique.

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Glow, Baby, Glow

By limiting just the sleeves to lace and keeping the bodice lined, you get maximum warmth without needing any additional toppers. This modest look helps us focus on the beauty and bliss of the bride herself. I mean, she's clearly glowing...

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If you're looking for glitz and glamour, you're probably looking for something like this dramatic gown. Too overdone for summer, it's the perfect fit for a fall or winter wedding. Wouldn't you agree, dahhhling?

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long sleeve blush tulle wedding dress
Photo: Sally Pinera

Charlotte's Web

Where does the bride end and the dress begin? It's tough to know with a delicate dress like this, all tulle and cobweb lace. However, the effect is mesmerizing and we can't help but stare.

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Fall can be unpredictable, with both late days of sunshine and light snow being an option depending on where you live. This dress reflects this theme with the lace bodice turning into a "snowbank" of sheer tulle. It shows a little leg, which evens it out with the modest A-line shape.

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gold robe fall wedding dress
Photo: Inbal Dror

Kimono Style

The shape of this dress resembles that of a robe, the exact piece of clothing that you pull out of your closet on a chilly fall morning. Embrace this association and take it to the next level with an incredible, embellished wedding dress that you'll never want to take off.